AUTHOR: Kiera Cass

Genre: Fiction, Dystopian, Young Adult (YA/NA) Fantasy

Series: The Selection #1

Year Published: 2012

Publisher: Harper Teen

Pages: Hard Cover,336

COVER: Gorgeous…Who wouldn’t want that? Just give me that dress already *winks*


The backdrop of the story is a futuristic kingdom of Illea where society is divided into eight castes, the One being the Royal Family and the Eight, well..obviously,  the poorest people in the kingdom. THE SELECTION is an opportunity to all the young girls aged between 16 and 20 to participate and compete against each other for the heart of the gorgeous Prince Maxon Schreave…wow…Yayy!… to live in a palace, to be swept up in a world of glittering gowns…like the one on the cover…Aah!.., and jewels.

The protagonist, America Singer,17, …unique name by the way… and her family are Fives (Caste Five). She receives a notice of THE SELECTION and her mother is ecstatic of the possibility …who wouldn’t be?… But America’s heart isn’t in it because of her secret relationship with Asper Leger, a Six …Lower Caste, hence, a Secret… however, America finally acquiesces to send her application, due to her mother’s constant nagging, fair compensation provided to her family for her participation and Asper convincing her as he couldn’t forgive himself for robbing her of the opportunity for a better life …Duh! Though his reason is sort of reasonable, who would send their so called ‘Love of Life’ to such a Selection? Isn’t she beautiful/talented enough  to get selected as one of the 35 people? Idiotic move I say. He’ll have to face the consequences.

To her Surprise, and to Aspen’s dismay, America is in the 35 people going to The Palace …obviously, she’s the heroine for God’s sake… and to make things even worse, Aspen breaks up with her. She sets out for the palace heart broken.

The rest of the story is about the life of America in the palace. Is Price Maxon, a shallow, uptight and stuck-up person as America  thought he is or is he a lovely, sweetheart gentleman? …Yeah! you guessed it right… How the other 34 treated America? And what are the Rebel attacks about? Will America end up being an Elite (The final 10 people)? …You guessed it right again *wink* but the question is under what circumstances?…  and what is Aspen’s role in all this? Will America get over her feelings for Aspen and compete against others or will she continue her secret relationship with Aspen even when it is considered as a treason?

To know all the answers, Grab the book and…and…. Yeah! What are you waiting for? Dive into it!


DISCLAIMER: You may want to read the below content after reading the book, even though I can assure that there ain’t much spoilers.

America Singer:

Stubborn, Short-tempered but thoughtful and courageous red head with rebellious attitude. Usually defends people who are mistreated, is sometimes hypocritical, but always apologizes if she is proven wrong, always afraid of losing someone she loves.

She captures your heart …sometimes…, has pretty good sense of humour but can really annoy the hell out of you sometimes. I felt like she is one of the inconsistent female leads I’ve ever met. Her feelings and behaviour towards Aspen and Maxon can be so infuriating at times.

Aspen Leger:

Dark hair, green eyes and a mysterious smile. “the most attractive guy in town.”  as per America. …Whatever *sigh*… I am not much interested in this character any way.  Or may be, under some extreme consequences, in the coming books of the trilogy, I might like this person but definitely not now. Sorry to all the Mr.Leger fans over there!

Prince Maxon Schreave:

Short honey-blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes.

What should I say about His Royal Highness, Maxon Schreave?

I guess, this GIF says it all.

Of all the main characters, Maxon is the most consistent one and has his heart on his sleeve. You should definitely read to find out how lovely Maxon can be.

I just hope America would come to her senses, leave Aspen for good this time and take The Selection more seriously. Because, That’s Maxon we’re talking about girls!


“I hope you find someone you can’t live without.I really do. And I hope you never have to know what it’s like to have to try and live without them.”

“True love is usually the most inconvenient kind.”  – America to Maxon … Truer words were never spoken.

“Is this a good time to pat your shoulder?”………….. – Maxon to America

“Do you think,That I could still call you ‘my dear’?” …….. – Maxon to America …Ah! He has good sense of humour too… 

RATING: 3.5/5   

…That additional 0.5 for Maxon *Wink+grin*…