Capture  4/5

AUTHOR: Eileen Cook

Genre: Young Adult Thriller, Fantasy, Humor, Mystery, Romance

Series: Standalone

Published:  January 3rd 2012 by Simon Pulse

 Pages:  Hardcover,304


ISOBEL is the girl we’re gonna talk about right now. She feels her life is totally screwed up because she had to move in with her mother who just married a guy she met on internet just three months ago, Richard (She hates the name by the way) who lost his wife and a daughter in a mystery boat accident just seven months ago. So, she not only had to leave her best friend and school in the beginning of her senior year but also live in a huge ostentatious, Gothic mansion on an island where there are “more endangered birds than there are people” and not to mention Unbelievably good-looking, officially off-limits Step Brother, NATHANIEL (Her words not mine)… Yeah? we’ll see… *winks*

Now, One might think nothing else can go wrong.. Nah! It’s Isobel’s life we’re talking about. *sigh* soon comes a question about her sanity as she is thrown into situation that leads her to believe that the house is HAUNTED… starting right from the moment she saw “HER” 

Whoa! What???…

Now, the question is who is this “HER” ? Is Isobel insane? Is it really some supernatural freaky thing going on or is there someone’s hand behind all those mysterious incidents? and what is it with this cold, indifferent yet unbelievably good-looking of course not to forget officially off-limits step brother?

I’m not gonna answer that for you. Read the book and find your answers. Trust me, you’ll definitely enjoy this  witty, breezy, creepy, freaky, spooky yet funny mystery  especially the humor part and by humor I don’t mean just few chuckles/giggles here and there but a whole laugh-out-loud kind.

And Not to Mention The Ouija Board Moment was just O.M.G.


This is pretty much me while reading this book *winks*


“I couldn’t decide if the fact that Nathaniel had watched me when I was sleeping was creepy or sort of exciting. God, I hoped I hadn’t been lying there with my mouth open and drooling.” ………She’s crazy………

“My mom giggled and whacked Richard with a dish towel. I would have whacked him harder with the cutting board, but that was just my preference.”  My preference too Isobel *winks*

“Remember, ghosts don’t care if you believe in them. They can still believe in you.” Daamn…

And a lot more……………………..



Four Mr.Stripes Stars (Read The book To know Mr.Stripes)… *winks*

So, What are you waiting for? Dive into the book…………………………………