AUTHOR: Kiera Cass

Genre: Fiction, Dystopian, Young Adult (YA/NA) Fantasy

Series: The Selection #3

You better read THE SELECTION #1 and THE ELITE (THE SELECTION #2) before this.

Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

Year Published: 2014

Pages: Hard Cover,323

COVER: Jaw dropping…


OK…Well… I know I’ve put this ONE on hold for a long time. Just so you know,  I’ve completed this long before. And I decided that it’s high time I talked about this.

America started-or I’d rather say, continued- like this right from the beginning chapter…

“May be his (ASPEN) patience with me was falling shortmine has already gone... his ability to see only the best in me is running dry…I never had it in the first place… somehow I would have to fix thatcan’t u just cut the crap and leave that guy alone?…. I couldn’t see a life for me that didn’t include AspenOk., but as your what? Make up your mind young lady…Even now, I hoped Maxon would choose me, a world without Aspen felt unimaginableOh Yeah?

I mean., common girl! Give me a break…

But you know what? Even though she was leaning towards insanity when it came to Aspen a few times, she was actually pretty much tolerable in every other aspect. It might be true that, a few conversations between America and Maxon actually led her to a stable level about her feelings. Other than a few glimpses of “America from The Elite” , she seemed like she was about to settle on a sane ground. And I must say, Thank Heavens, she actually found it. Her sanity, I mean. But then, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t frustrated at times. No. To be honest, I was exhausted sometimes, but that is America Singer for you.

And you know what, until now, I thought Maxon has been the only consistently sane and lovable main character in this series. But some instances (some being the keyword here) made me want to re-think my opinion. Then, I concluded that the system and procedure of “The Selection” is the one to be blamed, which basically is the whole concept right? Yeah, whatever. I think I was just having an America moment then. If you know what I mean

However, without giving anything away, I must say, things actually ended on a pretty happy note.

And as for my theories about the further story line after “The Elite” are concerned,

Whether it is Aspen or Maxon , America finally ends up with…take it from me that, you won’t be disappointed.

And the whole story about those rebels, which was for most part of the book, was really really good.

Just the story line about rebels made the whole book worth giving it a try and well, Maxon’s presence was a cherry on top.



I’ve talked a lot about this lady and don’t want go there again…


Not exactly a #BBF  but I can definitely say that I’ve got a  #FC …

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“Break my heart. Break it a thousand times if you like. It was only ever yours to break it anyway.”

It’s hard to stifle my urge to mention other favorite quotes but I have to. As they might give away a bit too much of the story for my liking. And I strictly adhere to NO SPOILERS”   policy.


I think it’s fine to say that I don’t despise him. But that doesn’t mean I like him.

RATING: 3.5/5   

Before I sign off,

In case you’re interested, there are two complete books after this about the next princess. And there are some novellas too. You can check the whole list HERE.

But will I read them?

For now,

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